Children older than 12 can generally take the same probiotics and serving size as adults.


To achieve optimum results, always take Natren probiotics at least 2 hours apart from herbs (such as echinacea and goldenseal), garlic and

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prescription drugs. Do not mix with acidic juices (such as citrus) or hot beverages, to ensure survival of beneficial bacteria. 


*Due to a possible choking hazard, we do not suggest our capsules or chewables for children who cannot chew or swallow, or do not have teeth. When in doubt, it is best to give the powders.

A great after-school snack solution when your kids come home hungry is to make your own probiotic foods at home using Natren’s high-quality, freeze-dried probiotic powders. The options are limitless: Probiotic Ice Cream, Smoothies, Cereal, Vegetables, Fruits—you

Give your children the right start to their school year with Natren Probiotics, which can help support their developing immune system.^

choose! All you need to is gently sprinkle or stir the Natren Probiotic Powder of your choice into or onto your food. There is a world of difference between most so-called “probiotic-enriched” foods sold and grocery stores and the probiotic results you may obtain from your own “probiotic” foods made at home. Not to mention, there is no

Because 70 percent of the immune system is located in the gut, much of your child’s health can be affected by the state of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Probiotics, which help make up the gastrointestinal microflora, serve to  support the immune system.^ It’s important to support their health during the fun but stressful time of going back to school!


When the GI tract is healthy and efficient, your immune system is maximized to best support all body functions.


Our general guidelines for children are as follows:
For infants and toddlers up to age 4, we suggest LIFE START®, as Bifidobacterium infantis is still the most desirable beneficial bacteria in the infants system. Once they begin eating table food, you can add in the same powdered probiotics that we offer for adults, only at a slightly smaller serving.*


Children ages 5 and up can follow the adult protocol in powder form and you can also add in the Natren chewable probiotics of their choice.*

unhealthy preservatives, chemicals, or sugars added to your probiotic foods if you make them at home.* Connect with us at our Facebook or Twitter page to get more exciting Probiotic Recipes!


*Natren proudly offers both vegetarian and vegan probiotic options.


To find out more visit or or call a probiotic consultant at 1-866-4-Natren (1-866-462-8736).