home. Start by mixing 1 level teaspoon of DIGESTA-LAC® powder with enough fresh aloe vera (this comes with the NATASHA’S PROBIOTIC FACE MASK SYSTEM) and distilled water to form a smooth, spreadable paste. After washing your face, gently pat it dry with a clean

     Did you know that beauty, and especially healthy,  glowing skin, starts from within? If you have struggled with skin that is less than radiant, prepare for a new you!  The beauty and resiliency of your skin is affected by your diet, the

environment, your stress levels, and, yes -- even your gut bacteria. You may have noticed that people, whose diets include natural, organic, and unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and organic grass-fed meats, have beautiful, naturally radiant skin. In addition to including some of these wholesome foods in your daily meals and snacks, you may further benefit by adding probiotic functional foods like whole-fat Bulgarian-style yogurt, along with Natren’s superior probiotic supplements to get the maximum benefit of your nutritious diet. When your body is balanced and healthy internally, it shows externally.

towel. Apply the probiotic paste to your entire face and neck area. Leave the paste on for twenty minutes or longer before rinsing it off gently with a clean washcloth and warm water. In addition to soothing irritation, this paste speeds gentle facial exfoliation, while smoothing and softening the skin.

     This is a great month to give the gift of health, to yourself for the life you love, or for the love of your life. Beauty most certainly starts from within, so check into the benefits of Natren’s superior probiotic supplements for attainable beauty from the inside – out. For the greatest benefit, Natren recommends our NATASHA’S PROBIOTIC FACE MASK SYSTEM and NATASHA’S PROBIOTIC FACE CREAM be used on a daily basis, morning and night, along with your personal choice of internal Natren probiotic supplements. Choose from Natren’s individual super strain tablet, capsule or powder products, or get 3-in-1 probiotic goodness from our unique and powerful HEALTHY TRINITY®, dairy-free capsules. For one of the world’s oldest health foods, get Natren’s YOGURT STARTER to make your own great-tasting, probiotic yogurt.
     For more details and information, please talk to your friendly probiotic consultant or visit our website for Natasha Trenev’s Bulgarian Style Yogurt recipe and more details on the Natren Probiotic Skin Care Plan, created just for you! 
     Here’s to Healthy, Glowing Skin and a Beautiful You. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Natren Family!

     Probiotics play a large role in both maintaining beautiful skin and helping you to achieve it. Internally, probiotics help you to optimize the utilization of the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants you get in foods every day. Externally, probiotics can work to help with irritation and redness. For the most effective probiotic skin care regimen, you should supplement with probiotics internally, as well as applying them topically. When you’re looking to change the current condition of your skin, it’s important to use a customized skin care plan. 

     Did you know that probiotic skin care has been used successfully for centuries to target difficult skin? Russian and Bulgarian doctors have successfully used topical acidophilus or bulgaricus pastes to help soothe occasional rashes and redness (a sign of irritation) for decades. You can make a similar paste at