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Back to School with Natren Probiotics
By Adriana Trenev


   Natren® HEALTHY START SYSTEM® is a gentle probiotic kit for health and vitality that can help ease your body into daily probiotic supplementation, especially if you have never taken high-quality, potent probiotics before! The HEALTHY START SYSTEM is a kit containing three bottles of individual probiotic super strains. It is available in dairy or dairy free powders or capsules and is formulated to be taken prior to meals to enhance digestion, but may be taken at any time. It provides a total of 6 billion cfu per serving, and it contains the most supernatant (culturing medium). Below are the three super strains featured in the HEALTHY START SYSTEM, available exclusively from Natren Science:
MEGADOPHILUS®Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS (dairy free) super strain - 2 billion cfu per serving
BIFIDO FACTOR®Bifidobacterium bifidum, Malyoth super strain - 2 billion cfu per serving
DIGESTA-LAC®Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain - 2 billion cfu per serving These are all the friendly bacteria you need that may help support your immune system; increase nutritional values; promote regularity; enhance lactose metabolism and digestion of milk products.*



   At Natren, we know there is a high-demand in the health food industry for vegan products, and we are proud to say our HEALTHY START SYSTEM dairy free powders and capsules are entirely gluten-free and animal-product free! In addition, they are backed with the potency and quality guarantee that are synonymous with Natren.




   According to Natasha Trenev, owner and founder of Natren Inc., probiotics produce their best effects when “layered”. Her ideal probiotic supplementation would feature one to two HEALTHY TRINITY capsules daily—followed by a probiotic drink before each meal of the powders in the HEALTHY START SYSTEM. If you’re new to probiotics and are looking for a gentle way to ease your body into supplementation, then the HEALTHY START SYSTEM is also a great place to start. Remember, you can never “overdose” or take too many probiotics, and for the best health benefits, you should “layer” your Natren probiotics with one another. Some people prefer to begin with a gentle serving of individual-strain powders or powder capsules, and build up gradually. In general, Natren probiotic regimens may be followed at 3 different levels: 

Good – Natren powders or
individual-strain powder capsules

Better – Natren’s highest potency
supplement, HEALTHY TRINITY capsules

Best – Combination regimen of HEALTHY TRINITY complemented with powders for support for your immune system (particularly at times of extra stress).*


To achieve optimum results, always take Natren probiotics at least 2 hours after any vitamins, herbs (i.e. Echinacea and Goldenseal), garlic and/or prescription drugs. Do not mix with acidic juices (such as citrus) or hot beverages, to ensure survival of the beneficial bacteria.

Natren HEALTHY START SYSTEM can be added to beverages or taken daily in capsule form. It can also be stirred into room-temperature foods, like almond butter. To find out more about the HEALTHY START SYSTEM, visit or or call a probiotic consultant at 1-866-4-Natren



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