Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 strain in a chewable tablet form. This probiotic strain helps produce natural enzymes to help the body break down lactose, complex carbohydrates and proteins.*

If you’re like our family at Natren, you have many opportunities to indulge during the holidays: gingerbread cookies, eggnog, fresh turkey or ham, pies and cakes of every variety. In addition to possibly gaining weight, most

people usually overeat and overindulge during the holidays leading to embarrassing bouts of indigestion, nausea, and upset stomach. In other words, your belly is singing the holiday blues. At Natren, we tend to advocate everything in moderation. Moderation, however, means different things to different people. So, the one very important piece of advice that we think everyone can follow is simply to supplement your great holiday meals and snacks with the very best probiotic during this indulgent holiday season.

Heavy foods we aren’t used to eating can aggravate our stomach and GI system, causing indigestion, minor heartburn and gas, among other uncomfortable tummy issues. The best probiotic supplements can help sway the bacterial balance in your digestive tract towards the good guys and help you feel better overall; they contain small organisms that help maintain the natural balance of bacteria (microflora) in the intestines. If you’re looking for a strong, everyday probiotic supplement to help get you and your GI system through the holidays, try Natren HEALTHY TRINITY®. Together, the three strains found in HEALTHY

Sometimes when we overeat, we can experience a wide variety of uncomfortable feelings. Some people complain of brain fog/forgetfulness, lack of energy, fatigue, gas, bloating, burping, irregularity, and what we call “food coma.” Overindulgence with too many starchy carbohydrates and sugars, common foods during the holidays, can lead to a food coma, otherwise known as the “Holi-DAZE”. Many of our customers take comfort in the fact that Natren chewable probiotics, GASTRO-pH® or HEALTHY TUMMY®, can help relieve some of your bloating, discomfort and gas from indigestion.* GASTRO-pH and HEALTHY TUMMY can be proactive health strategies when trying to cope with the holiday belly blues.

In addition, GASTRO-pH and HEALTHY TUMMY, both produce digestive enzymes, that can assist your body to break down the food that you eat. If your food is undigested, it starts to decay in the small intestine, and could result in gas, bloating, indigestion and general discomfort.

Strawberry-flavored GASTRO-pH and vanilla-flavored HEALTHY TUMMY can help repopulate the intestines with organisms that break down food. They both contain the same

TRINITY work to support the entire gastrointestinal system by helping with occasional gas, bloating, helping enhance the digestion of dairy products and assisting with the digestion of complex carbohydrates and proteins which can enhance the absorption of nutrients.*

So, now that the holidays are upon us, look to probiotics to help you digest all those rich foods and drinks. And remember, probiotics help support the immune system too, so now you have more great reasons to give yourself the gift of Natren probiotics this holiday season.

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