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Did you know that Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ilya Metchnikoff named the now well-known primary yogurt-culturing bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus in honor of the yogurt-loving Bulgarians?

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live bacteria they contain. An even better way to ensure an adequate supply of beneficial live bacteria is to take a pharmaceutical grade quality probiotic supplement such as Natren® HEALTHY TRINITY®, HEALTHY START SYSTEM® or LIFE START® probiotics.

The Russian scientist maintained that the intestinal tract contains a healthy supply of beneficial bacteria, including Lactobacillus bulgaricus. In his work, he demonstrated how these “good” bacteria fight undesirable bacteria, and normalize bowel habits. Dr. Metchnikoff's ground-breaking research uncovered how white blood cells known as phagocytes ingest and destroy these undesirable bacteria, earning him the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1908.


The acclaimed scientist devoted the last ten years of his life to the study of lactic acid-producing bacteria species. Bulgarians are known for their consumption of large quantities of cultured foods containing live bacteria, especially yogurt, which the doctor correctly theorized was helpful in maintaining the beneficial bacteria living in the intestinal tract.*


Your gastrointestinal tract is a primary link to overall health. “Friendly” bacteria including Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium bifidum are guardians that live and work inside your intestinal tract. These “healthy friends” can help with occasional digestive issues, and may aid in bowel support. Beneficial bacterial strains also play a role in healthy digestion.*


When it comes to healthy aging, the World Health Organization suggests that “a key aim of government policy should be to enable and encourage people to stay physically active throughout the life course, to remain socially connected in later life, to establish healthy eating patterns and have access to healthy food choices, and to refrain from risky behaviors such as smoking, overeating and activities that can lead to falls and injuries”.
Healthy food choices should always include cultured milk products because of the beneficial

A knowledgeable Natren Consultant can help you determine which is the best custom probiotic for you and your family.



Probiotics benefit you both inside and out. Legendary beauties of ancient civilizations used cultured milk as both a healthy food and as a beauty treatment. Cleopatra was known to bathe in fermented milk, and women from areas where cultured dairy products are a staple are noted for their beautiful complexions.


Natren has formulated a proprietary probiotic face cream to offer these skin benefits to modern women. NATASHA'S PROBIOTIC FACE CREAM includes DNA fragments of beneficial bacterial cells. This cream is a natural moisturizer that should be used under sunscreens, make up or other creams. Many consumers who have used this cream swear by its natural ability to nourish, moisturize and make their skin beautiful.


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