A Silent Night

Gas is produced in our intestinal tract during the digestive process. Despite being the subject of much juvenile humor, passing gas, or flatulence, is a normal bodily function. The only time gas is cause for concern is when it is excessive, or excessively malodorous.Gastro Ph Probiotic Foul smelling gas usually indicates rotting food in the digestive tract.


When you are under stress - such as during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season - food may pass too quickly through the small intestine to be fully digested. Bacteria in the large intestine then complete digestion in a gas-producing process called fermentation. Holiday overindulgence can also overload the digestive system, as large meals and foods high in fat and carbohydrates tend to be gas-producing.


That's where convenient, portable GASTRO-pH chewable probiotic wafers come in handy. Two delicious natural strawberry flavor GASTRO-pH probiotic wafers contain a minimum of one billion colony forming units of Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB-51champion transient super strain.

Gastro Ph Probiotic


Lactobacillus bulgaricus can aid in the digestion of dairy products, carbohydrates and proteins*, resulting in less gas and bloating. This healthy bacteria also supports growth of the other beneficial bacteria L. acidophilus and B. bifidum*, and provide a slightly acidic environment necessary for intestinal health.*


As more and more people become aware of the role good bacteria play in digestion, probiotics are an increasingly popular digestive aid. Just slip a couple of versatile GASTRO-pH wafers in your purse or pocket, and enjoy the holiday celebrations without the discomfort of occasional indigestion!

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