Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by many probiotics manufacturers is how to keep the beneficial bacteria alive through the digestive system until they reach the intestines, where they form colonies and multiply along the intestinal walls. Encouraging friendly bacteria to line your intestinal tract not only aids your digestion, but provides support for your immune system to fight off harmful bacteria, toxins and chemicals.


Probiotic manufacturers face two major hurdles:

1) Probiotic bacteria are adversarial, and do not “play nice” together. Strains that are mixed together fight for survival and may inhibit one another and leave some strains ineffective thus decreasing health benefits. Competition between probiotic bacteria begins the minute the strains are blended, and does not end until they are consumed. Bacteria in a multi-strain product will compete with each other in the capsule or bottle. Blends of probiotic supplements should be manufactured so that each strain of the probiotic is kept separate from each other.

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2) Before making it all the way down to the intestines, the probiotic supplements first must fight their way through a bath of low-pH acid inside the stomach that is strong enough to break down solids for digestion, and designed to keep unwanted bacteria away from our sensitive digestive system.


So how does Natren ensure that the three carefully selected super strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus super strain NAS, Bifidobacterium bifidum super strain Malyoth and Lactobacillus bulgaricus super strain LB-51

(L. delbrueckii, subspecies bulgaricus), in its most potent flagship probiotic supplement, HEALTHY TRINITY, survive their journey to the consumer, and then through the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach into the intestines?


The answer is the proprietary Trenev Process®, developed after many years of research by Natren’s founder, world-renowned probiotic expert Natasha Trenev. This cutting-edge technology uses a protective oil-matrix delivery system to micro-enrobe and encapsulate each of these three super strains to keep them separated, noncompetitive and virtually 100% protected from the stomach’s gastric juices. The Trenev Process ensures the probiotic supplements get shuttled to where they belong and so they can work for you. 

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Be wary of claims of enteric coating or so-called sustained release technology that have not been independently validated. If the probiotic bacteria haven’t been micro-enrobed to ensure survivability through the harsh, unforgiving stomach acids, the amount of beneficial bacteria that may survive provide no positive effect.  Do not waste your money on these kinds of probiotic supplements.


The Trenev Process of micro-enrobing bacteria strains in special oil ensures the quality and potency of the live bacteria in Natren’s HEALTHY TRINITY during their passage through the digestive tract. This allows us to guarantee the quality and viability of the probiotic supplement from manufacture to consumption – making Natren the only logical choice of probiotics for people who are serious about their health.  It’s that simple.

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