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As consumers learn about the many benefits of probiotics, public interest in and use of these friendly bacteria has been steadily increasing. This has led to a growing number of food companies “jumping on the bandwagon” to offer probiotic foods and beverages, including yogurts, energy bars, juices, and even cookies and chocolates. These are often referred to as “functional foods” – foods given an extra function through the addition of health-promoting additives.


But is there any REAL benefit to these probiotic-enhanced functional foods? It's important to understand that the FDA does not regulate probiotics as a drug, considering them dietary supplements. This puts the burden on the consumer to understand the probiotic they are taking and its benefits, which is why Natren places so much emphasis on education, audited testing and transparency when it comes to their probiotics.


Unfortunately, not all foods that advertise probiotic benefits undergo these tests, underlining the need for consumer education. One key indicator of a true effective quality probiotic vs a “fake functional food” is whether or not it requires refrigeration. Probiotics are living bacteria, and cannot tolerate heat or light. So the first sign of an ineffective probiotic is that it is found outside the refrigerator. This rules out items like probiotic energy bars, and other processed items. An effective probiotic or probiotic functional food will also contain sufficient quantities

(measured in colony forming units) of proven bile-resistant probiotic strains that are known to convey specific benefits.


One great way of creating your own probiotic functional food is to add Natren probiotic powders directly to your meals. Sprinkle one to two teaspoons on warm (but not hot) food. You can also break open probiotic capsules and sprinkle the contents over your food.  Avoid mixing live probiotics with acidic ingredients such as orange or lemon juice, vinegar, or tomatoes.Gastro Ph Probiotic


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