Why Men Need to Be Proactive about Their Health

A 2012 survey about men and how they handle their health shows 63% of men see their doctor when they have "prolonged, severe pain".At the same time, most of the men surveyed said they wanted to live a long life and stay healthy well into their eighties. Over a third of the men surveyed said they visited a doctor only after their significant other pressured them to do so. Most men think that going to the doctor is a “chick” thing. Obviously, men WANT to be healthy but aren't always taking the necessary steps to stay that way.


Why is it so important for men to "mind their health"? You've heard the old saying, "an ounce of prevention". That certainly holds true with regards to health. These days we know more about how to prevent disease - but it takes knowledge, motivation and lifestyle changes on the part of the individual. The leading causes of death in both males and females are related to heart conditions. Genetics are certainly a factor but making the appropriate lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the onset of heart related illnesses. What kind of changes? Simple things like adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and doing at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise most days of the week. These are two lifestyle habits that can pay off with big dividends.


Once you reach your 40's, more regular checkups are a smart move. Annual health checks from your regular doctor to check key items like cholesterol level, blood pressure and prostate health will help keep you enjoying life, and not under the knife!


Some of these checks can be done regularly at home, and technology can also be your friend: For instance, a company called WiThings has created a range of connected devices for measuring blood pressure, weight, fat content, heart rate and blood oxygen content. All these parameters can be recorded and monitored over time, giving you more visibility and awareness of your overall health.

Other general awareness "screening" tests should be a part of your regular routine. Check your skin for new skin growths or changes in existing moles. A mole that's changing in size, color or becoming more irregular should be checked out. Check your testicles regularly for irregularities or lumps. Be alert to any changes and report them to your doctor. That's what being proactive about your health is about. 



Healthy TrinityYou've heard this many times, but adding diet and exercise to your daily routine are two of the most important lifestyle habits that any man can adopt. Studies show that those who set concrete goals for themselves are much more successful than those who set vague goals for themselves. There are many different diets and exercise plans, but remember to start slowly and steadily when incorporating any new changes. One of the best things you can do for yourself today is to begin taking a daily probiotic supplement. Rejuvenating yourself from the inside out can make a world of difference by adding one capsule of Natren's potent 3-in-1 HEALTHY TRINITY every day.


Taking a proactive approach to health puts YOU in control. It's empowering to know you're doing the right things to stay healthy and prolong your life. Empower yourself.


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